summer 2018

Hook & Cleaver

Traditional and High Class Butchers

Purveyors of the Finest Free-Range and Organic Meats and Poultry

New Opening Hours

Pitshanger Lane


South Ealing Rd

Monday 8am - 5.30pm

Tuesday 8am - 5.30pm

Wednesday 8am - 12.30pm

Thursday 8am - 5.30pm

Friday 8am - 6.00pm

Saturday 8am - 5.30pm

Monday 8am - 5.30pm

Tuesday 8am - 12.30pm

Wednesday 8am - 5.30pm

Thursday 8am - 5.30pm

Friday 8am - 6.00pm

Saturday 8am - 5.30pm

As always, Free Local Delivery 

We'd like to remind our customers that we offer a free local delivery service and we'd especially like to offer this service to those who are elderly, vulnerable or worried about leaving the house. Payment can be made over the phone and the order can be left in a place of your choosing. If you know anyone who this might help please let them know. We'd also ask that you be considerate and only use this service if you have to. We currently have one van on the road, so with limited delivery slots available, we don't want anyone who really needs it going without. We're are also teaming up with Harrison's Deli so please feel free to Contact Belinda and her team to have any of her wonderful products delivered with ours.


We are planning to stay open as long as possible. If we still have meat we will be here. If we still have customers visiting we will be here. If we still have the staff to operate, fit and healthy, we will be here. Taking each day one step at a time. Take care and be safe.

Purveyors of the Finest Free-Range and Organic Meats


Here at Hook & Cleaver, we take pride in sourcing our meat from trusted suppliers and dependable UK farmers who maintain the highest animal welfare standards.  We carefully hand pick our meat and by doing all the preparation work ourselves, we can ensure the highest level of quality across our entire range.  To stand out as an independent trader, we feel we offer an unrivalled personal service and are happy to give advice on requirements and cooking, as well as tailoring any order to meet your needs.  We continuously offer free-range Norfolk chickens, free-range GM free Plantation pork, free-range grass-fed West-Country lamb and of course our dry-aged Aberdeen Angus beef.  We also stock a range of organic meats and rare breeds, including Salt Marsh lamb, Gloucester Old-Spot, Tamworth, Black Pig pork and various breeds of beef not commonly found in supermarkets. These vary week to week so feel free to ask what's on offer or make a request if you fancy something unique. 

Our Latest Adventures

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What we're About...


To begin with it’s about doing something you love. We’d like to think you can see that we love what we do in the care and attention we take in choosing, ageing, preparing and displaying our meat. We have always believed in the principle of offering the most ethically sourced quality meat in return for a fair price. We also endeavour to wean people away from the supermarket-induced way of thinking that meat should be as cheap and easy as possible. Not only does cheap and easy scream a lack of quality, it also ignores the provenance of the meat, the farm it came from and the consideration taken working the land. It is here where we excel over supermarkets, which due to their sheer size cannot work personally with small and independent farmers in the way that we can. Nor can they provide the skill and craftsmanship which we can using our combined 180 years experience in this ancient trade. We think this quality shines through in our produce, and we are grateful for your continued appreciation and support.      

                                                                                                                                                               Paul & Martin

The Shops


Established in September 2011, Hook and Cleaver first opened it's doors to the wonderful community of Pitshanger Lane in Ealing, West London. The founder, Paul, trained using traditional butchery methods and with over 20 years experience in the trade, was able to pass this knowledge on to the first recruits, and so the adventure began. 

Since opening, we have more than doubled our list of trusted farmers and suppliers, as we strive to grow, learn and hopefully improve our service and produce to you the public. We are grateful for our loyal customer base and continued support.


Pitshanger Lane

South Ealing Road

In September 2011, our first shop opened in the picturesque setting of Pitshanger Lane, West London. Originally just a two-man show, we operated on the principle of good honest quality produce for a fair price. There are now 6 members of our team here, with over 200 years experience between them all.

Seizing an opportunity arising from a retiring butcher, we decided to open our new little sister shop in August 2013 on South Ealing Road, West London. As well as offering the same service and produce as Pitshanger Lane, South Ealing provides both shops with our range of pies and sausage rolls through it's dedicated kitchen. 

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