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Traditional and High Class Butchers

 Christmas  -

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It seems to come earlier every year, but the crisp evenings and dark nights signal the return of the winter season, and with it the festive period throughout December and the New Year. This Christmas we will once again be stocking the fantastic Free-Range, Bronze Feathered 'Appledore' Turkeys from the Wreathall Farm. This family run farm has been using traditional methods of husbandry for nearly a 100 years, located within the natural beauty of the Romney Marsh, in Kent. These are the turkeys we proudly present to you this year, humanely reared, and finished to the highest standards of welfare and care to the environment that we have seen. That is why we use them!


If you would prefer to order an Organic Turkey we can supply these, from the Rhug Estate in North Wales, or alternatively, as a more economical option, standard barn-reared white feathered turkeys are available on request.


We will also be stocking the fantastic free-range geese from Judy Goodmans farm in Worcestershire as well as Gressingham and Madgett's Farm Ducklings. These can be ordered as whole birds or we can prepare 3 to 5 bird roasts; boned, rolled and stuffed with our range of stuffings.

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We age rare breed beef, especially for Christmas, Wagyu included, and will also be providing rare and native breeds of pork and lamb, cooked hams and gammons as well as pigs in blankets and any accompanying sauces you need. As always, we are on hand to advise on meal ideas, as well as cooking tips and suggestions.

The game season is also in full swing throughout winter so we will be sourcing the traditional venison cuts, wild rabbits, pheasants, red-leg partridge, mallard ducks and grouse, as well as quail, guinea fowl, rabbits and hares. We can also source English wood-pigeons, snipe and woodcock occasionally and to order when requested.


Every Christmas we try to offer some rarer things not always available throughout the year. A good example is the French Chapone, beautifully creamy and rich flavoured birds which are chickens but are unlike anything you will find in the UK. Think Goose meets Chicken. These are available throughout December but do get your order in early.


As well as our regular native breeds we source Wagyu beef from highland Wagyu throughout December. You’ve probably heard of Wagyu beef but may not have heard that cattle are often cross-bred a number of times and aren’t always true pedigree Wagyu. This is why we spoke to Martine and Mohsin at Highland Wagyu who only breed purebred Wagyus or cross-breed with the pedigree Angus breed, with full genetic traceability. It is more expensive but in our opinion is possibly the best or most unique beef you will ever try.


Our order books for Christmas generally open at the beginning of November. Unfortunately, we are not able to process email orders. However, if you would like to discuss any of the above, or to place an order, please call us or better yet stop by one of the shops where our friendly butchers will be happy to talk to you in more detail and go through your exact requirements for the most important meal of the year.

-  Easter  -


Once Spring finally arrives, we will start introducing our seasonal range once again, especially the new season lamb. It is these coming months when British lamb is at its most succulent and the flavour at its most subtle. Our free-range spring lamb is sourced from our farmers in the WestCountry and the Romney Marshes in Kent and East Sussex.


As soon as it becomes available we will also be stocking Salt Marsh lamb, known for its superb flavour and mouth-watering tenderness. Weather dependent we should have the new season lamb available for Easter but to avoid disappointment we recommend that you place your order early as stock may be limited.


In addition to traditional roasting cuts such as legs and shoulders of lamb, we also prepare French-trimmed racks of lamb, easy-carve legs of lamb, rolled lamb saddles, butterflied marinated legs and lamb noisettes, all of which are ideal for evening meals and special occasions.



Don’t forget the pork, which as standard is free-range and outdoor reared from Plantation Pigs in Surrey, and from Taste Tradition based in Yorkshire. We also regularly stock Gloucester Old Spot's, Tamworth's, Middle White's or the Black Pig's, and are able to source the exceptional Iberico Pork direct from Spain.


We will have a few special occasion ideas and recipes available for Easter and onwards so keep a lookout for those and as always our team are willing and able to assist you with any cooking advice, tips or meal ideas. So please don’t hesitate to ask!

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