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We take pride in our range of dry aged beef, especially our steaks, which we consider to be of the highest quality.


Whether you prefer your steak bloody and rare or well done, there are a couple of tips that may assist you. Put it this way, I don't eat mine with a steak knife, if you need something serrated to get through your steak then something isn't right.


First, take the steaks out of your fridge an hour before cooking and lay on a board or plate. Some say don't add oil, which is cool, but I prefer to add a little groundnut or olive oil to the steaks, seasoning with salt and pepper here too, as much as preferred. You can also lay sprigs of rosemary or thyme over the steaks for an hour or so beforehand, for touch of subtle flavour. Bring your griddle or frying pan to a medium–high heat, and gently lay the steaks in, you should hear the sizzle sound if the pan is hot enough. After about 45 seconds, turn them over and leave for another 45 seconds, this is to sear the steaks, locking in the moisture and flavour.

Now it depends on how you like your steak. For rare, an average steak (2cm thick) will need about 2 minutes each side, for medium, about 3 – 4 minutes each side, and for well done, about 5 minutes each side should do.  Also, for that little extra, try adding a knob of butter to the pan a minute before removing the steaks.When you do remove them, it is important to allow the steaks to rest for at least 5 minutes. To keep them warm you can lightly cover them with tin foil (but allow some steam to escape or you're just further cooking them). That's it!

Steaks are pretty versatile and there are plenty of options for sides, but I find that a tasty salad tossed with a touch of red wine vinegar and salt and pepper, along with a honey and mustard dressing really compliments the flavours of the steak.

You can add thick cut chips or glazed baby potatoes too if you’d like, or maybe go for seasonal vegetables instead of the salad. Another great flavour with the salad choice is potatoes roasted with chopped chorizo, I like to use a mix of our own hung Gloucester Old Spot chorizo and the milder Spanish one. That chorizo flavour with the soft potatoes and honey and mustard salad is fantastic with any steak. 

Of course, there’s also the option of adding a creamy peppercorn or bernaise sauce too. No two steak meals need ever be the same!

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